Pittsburgh’s Oldest House for Sale

The oldest out in Pittsburgh is for sale.

Built in 1792, the John Woods house, which is located on the corner of Monogahela in Hazelwood, has been owned by the Urban Redevelopment Authority since 2001, when it was purchased for a sum of $25,000.

On its website, the URA referred to the house as “home to the oldest homestead in Pittsburgh and represents a true gem in the City’s history.”

In 1977 the city council added the woods to the list of historic designation. Later in 2001 the URA brought the house from Andre Keith, and not the house is currently being unused and abandoned.

Now, the URA is looking for a buyer for city’s oldest house, which sits on a hill with a solid view of both downtown Pittsburgh and the Almono site.

But there are defiantly some down parts to both the house and neighborhood.  All of the windows of the property are currently boarded, and the landscaping needs work.

It is also currently far away from the main corridor of 2ndAvenue. However, it could be a solid investment property once the Almono site, which is right down the street, is developed.

As of yet, no buyer has come forward for the property.