The Spray Park

Local officials believe the new spray park, which is located behind Propel Hazelwood on Johnston Avenue, represents a positive part of Greater Hazelwood’s redevelopment.

The spray park sits on what was an old pool behind the former Burgwin school.  It was opened in  1939, but eventually closed in 2004.  Since that time, it was abandoned, and, as city councilman Corey O’Connor said in an interview, many people had to go to Shenley Park and elsewhere if they wanted to swim.  Now, although it is not a pool, the spray park, which was opened on May 23, lets people cool off on hot days within their own neighborhood.

To O’Connor, the park is another step in improving the quality of life for local residents.

Several types of sprayers are on the spray park site.  This includes flower-shaped sprayers, shorted water spouts and a jungle-gym-like sprayer.

Those who do not wish to get wet can still play on the parks playground equipment, or shoot hoops at the basketball court.

The park represents the sixth time the city has changed a pool into a spray park.  O’Connor said its part of a larger effort to make sure people who once had a pool have some sort of “aquatics” in their neighborhood.   Other spray parks have been built in Beltzhoover, Beechview and Troy Hill, among other neighborhoods.

In addition to the work of Corey O’Connor, who chairs the city’s xxxxxxxx, The Hazelwood Initiative, which owns the property, and Rev. Michael Murray Sr., a community activist, were active in the creation of the park.

“The City’s work to improve Burgwin Park is a great step forward by the City of Pittsburgh to improve the quality of life for Hazelwood kids and their families.” Rev. Murray said at the grand opening in May.

The park officially closes in September.