Veterans and Community Members Join Together on Service Projects

If you walk by the gazebo at the corner of Second and Johnston Avenue, you may notice a change in color and more benches. The KaBoom playground on Lytle Street now has a limestone path bordered by newly planted trees and shrubs. Vendor stands on the 4800 block of Second Ave now sport extended roofs and better coverage from wind and rain. Hard to believe that all of this occurred in less than a day, but it all happened thanks to the efforts of The Mission Continues (TMC) partnering with Hazelwood residents and stakeholders on September 16th.


TMC is a nation-wide nonprofit, non-partisan organization that connects veterans to community groups and opportunities for impactful service projects. Pittsburgh’s 1st Platoon, which focuses exclusively on Hazelwood, previously built a stage on Second Avenue, erected sheds for two community gardens, and was vital in building the KaBoom playground on Lytle Street last September.


Returning almost a year to the day of the playground build-out last year, this day of service was done in remembrance of the attacks on September 11, 2001, an event which led many veterans in TMC to originally enlist. While their time in the military may have passed, TMC offers its members a constructive outlet to connect with fellow veterans and neighbors in the spirit of community service.

Hazelwood Initiative would like to thank TMC's 1st Platoon, PAEYC, Center of Life, and everyone that volunteered to make this a great event!